Custom Mala Bracelet


Crafting your unique Mala to walk alongside your healing journey is incredibly empowering. Your Mala becomes a cherished companion, a symbol of your aspirations and the qualities you wish to nurture daily. Let’s embark on this journey together, choosing gemstones that align with your energy and soulful desires, shaping a Mala that reflects your essence and guides you toward the feelings you seek.


Designing a unique Mala tailored to your intentions and healing journey holds incredible power. Your Mala becomes a transformative tool, a daily beacon reminding you of the qualities you’re nurturing. Let’s co-create this meaningful journey, selecting gemstones that resonate with your energy and spiritual needs, encapsulating your authentic essence and desired emotions.

The process is simple and heartfelt – shortly after your purchase, an email will guide you to a questionnaire. Your insights help us craft a profoundly personal Mala that resonates with your soul. Through heartfelt conversations, we’ll weave together a Mala that’s exclusively yours – a cherished creation crafted with intention, infused with love and light, and tailored uniquely for you!

Each custom order has its timeline for creation, ensuring your Mala is crafted with utmost care and attention to detail.


  • The bracelet is strung on an elastic cord.
  • Silver plated accents – choice of Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil style findings.
  • Artisanally crafted, handmade, and thoughtfully packaged with love and mindful attention to detail.
  • 8 or 6 MM Gemstone Beads
  • Sizes: Petite (6.75”), Small (7”), Medium (7.25”), Large (7.5”)

Mindful Roots’s Jewelry

Because of the Earth’s unique formations, every stone is inherently distinct. While your Mala will resemble the one pictured above, please embrace its individuality, as each stone’s variation ensures it is unique.

Our malas enhance the wearer’s energy and intentions. Our malas are not intended to replace medicine or treat medical, emotional, or psychological conditions.

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