Guiding you to find softness and alignment.


I’m here to help you feel divine love, mindful, calm, and clear while stepping into your wisdom



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The latest research indicates many potential benefits of mindfulness, including:

increased levels of happiness, optimism, and well-being

improved focus and concentration

lower levels of stress, anxiety, and improved self-regulation


Welcome, I’m Alicia

I am me! The best word that would describe my work is ‘Human Developer’ which specializes in Mindfulness Based-Stress Reduction, Human Design,  Shanker Self-Regulation, Yoga Healing and Physical Literacy. I am passionate about supporting humans of all ages with their mental health and well-being. I’m simply a gentle hand, that helps others find their softness and calm amid this crazy busy, stress-inducing world that is today. 

Mindful Roots embodies the virtues of loving kindness.

there is strength in your softness.

~ Dhiman


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