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Self Reg Sundays: Step 5 – Respond – 3 min read

What is Self-Reg?  Self-Regulation is understanding the stressors in our lives and learning how to manage our energy and tension. Shanker Self-Regulation is a five-step, non-linear framework that has transformed my life. This is not a program, but rather a framework that will shift your perspective on behaviours and how we manage stress and energy. One can’t truly teach and share with others until they are practicing it themselves.  Today, I’d like to share how I practice Step 5 - Respond, and how this step provides resilience for myself and my family. You can also integrate this step with your students and colleagues! Respond: Respond is about being proactive in strategies of restorationRespond focuses on energy and tension and their awareness to adjust these states regularly.Respond focuses on strategies...