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So you’ve had a karmic breakthrough…

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So you’ve had a karmic breakthrough.

If your mala breaks – don’t worry! It could actually be a good thing. Take a deep breath; everything is fine. When a mala breaks, it can be a positive sign of progression – In both the yogic and Buddhist traditions, a broken mala is said to symbolize the breaking a cycle of suffering, a spiritual breakthrough, and a release of karma or other negative traits.

We are happy to restring your Mindful Roots Mala for $55 CDN + applicable taxes. Bracelets can be repaired for a fee of $15 CDN + applicable taxes.  (We regretfully decline to repair products from other vendors.)

This service isn’t meant to be an income generator for us; we are merely providing this feature to support our valued community as we know how much you’ve come to love your intentional items.

**Please provide us with the following + read the instructions carefully so we can restring your malas to the best of our ability:

1. The customer is to Provide ALL pieces to the necklace or bracelet.  We will do our best to replace any missing pieces given that they are common pieces or parts that are in our current inventory.  The customer is to provide specific stones or chords not used in current styles on the Mindful Roots store. We regretfully decline to purchase specific stones, seed beads, or chord colors not in current styles for the repair.

2. Share the product photo if available to alicia@mindfulroots.ca with ‘Mala Repair’ in the title.  Products with no specific instructions will be restrung similarly to current Mindful Roots products.  If the style needs to differ, or if there are specific instructions, please see number 3.

3. Provide any special instructions.  Please provide detailed instructions on how to string up your mala if it’s different from current styles.  With the failure to provide specific instructions, ALL COSTS (including labor, shipping, and parts) will need to be provided by the customer. Mindful Roots is NOT responsible for changing it afterward.

4. Include a return address + payment confirmation. When the repair is complete, in approximately 10 to 20 working days, it will be shipped back to the sender.

5All sales do not apply to mala repairs.  

Over the past years, we’ve created hundreds of unique pieces and some of them are very limited editions (one of a kind). If the exact stones or items aren’t available, we will do our best to recreate and enhance your piece. If your design is unique and different from what you see on our online store, please give specific instructions ahead of time!

Simply add the “Mala Repair” to your cart and select “Check Out”.

Please send your Mala repair to:

Mindful Roots

267 Preston Rd.

Madoc, ON


K0K 2K0

We will repair all of our products for free within 60 days of purchase if sent back to us.  After 60 days, please purchase a mala repair for service.

Turn around time will be approximately 10-20 business days.


NOT ALL SALES APPLY TO MALA REPAIRS.  Most natural stones have crystal lines in them and sometimes natural cracks.  They are also soft and can be damaged or broken, therefore there is not a lifetime warranty on our products.  Please note that mala repairs do not apply to the following: All products or hand-knotted malas from other vendors. Broken or cracked main guru stones (as they cannot be simply repaired and the damage is not attributed to craftsmanship). Products no longer available or in inventory. Normal wear down of products or simply wanting a replacement for a new product.

We reserve the right to determine the serviceability of the products.

Have questions? No problem! Email us: alicia@mindfulroots.ca


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