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Mindful Roots / Higher Self Bracelet

Higher Self Bracelet


Lepidolite & Quartz

<<WILDLY OPEN>> to energies of love, intuition, and abundance.


The combination of Lepidolite and Quartz initiates a deep journey to the higher self that will allow your purpose to be revealed and manifest into your life. Ask yourself how you want to show up for yourself and others during this lifetime.

Your life is a reflection of your inner thoughts. The only thing you can ever change is your response. Be soft with compassion for yourself and others. When you find your thoughts wandering, observe them and let them continue to drift by. Acknowledge them in a judgment-free zone. Remember; every day is filled with thoughts, emotions, and stressors. Be mindful in every moment of your day, find your breath and watch your perception shift. Step into your zone of genius authentically and unapologetically. Be kind. Live with love to your fullest potential because you are worthy to shine!




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