Creative Clarity Mala


“Vulnerability is the birthplace is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.” ~ Brene Brown

This Mala was designed with clarity and calmness in mind. Made with Moonstone, Pink Opal, Aquamarine, Lava Stone and Bamboo Jasper, this Mala is filled with calming, loving, creative and intuitive vibes.

108 Bead – 6mm stones

Hand knotted between each stone. Handmade cotton tassel.

This Mala is made to order within 5 business days.

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“Vulnerability is the birthplace is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.” ~ Brene Brown

Moonstone is considered a good luck stone. It is a stone of inner growth and strength. The peace and calm that moonstone generates has a sensual and balancing quality to it. It is infused with an enchanting, soft glow of optimism.

Pink Opal provides emotional balance, aids in healing through mind/body/soul and brings peace and tranquility. Wearing Opal brings loyalty, faithfulness, and spontaneity.

Bamboo Jasper is known to bring peacefulness and support through times of stress. It is also very stabilizing and is said to reduce insecurity, fear, and guilt. It can protect the wearer from getting carried away or led astray. It works slowly, providing constant energy, especially in a time of needed change.

Aquamarine is often used to clear the mind and enhance creativity and inspiration. This stone is also a good meditation aid and can help guide you into a deeper meditative state.

Lava stone is a stone of courage which allows one the opportunity for stability throughout changes in their lives. It was once solid rock that was heated so much that it was turned into liquid. For this reason alone it provides the strength, fire, and power contained within it.

***About our Products***

Our creations are handmade in Ontario, Canada with ethically sourced gemstones. We only use authentic stones.

All of our gemstones are natural. Each bead and piece is unique, just like you and I, Each stone may differ in shape, colour, and size. Our healing jewelry is designed to enhance the wearer’s own energy and intentions. Our Malas aren’t intended to replace medicine or treat any medical, emotional or psychological condition.


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