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Our Services

Whether you are looking to attend one of our prescheduled drop in workshops or create a unique experience for yourself we offer a variety of services based around Mindfulness, Yoga and Intention setting
Mindful Schools & Educators

Bring Yoga & Mindfulness programming to your school or youth organization through hands-on and creative learning. Learning Mindful tools at a young age translates into a greater mind + body connection.

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Mindful Families & Parents

Through this fun and interactive class, families will strengthen their bond and create a meaningful memory together. We live in a world where parents and children are busy and disconnected. Family yoga and mindfulness provides a wonderful place to spend quality healthy and happy, quality time together. Our family yoga nights are full of fun and the perfect way to unplug and reconnect. In each class, you can expect a warm-up, games to build connection and community, breath work, yoga adventures and stories which includes traditional and creative and even some acrobatic and partner poses. At the end of each class, we will practice our mindful tools through meditation and relaxation. Family yoga helps children and parents build on strong inner resources to thrive in a challenging and complex world.

Mindful Kids & Tweens

Tweens and teens struggle to get to grips with how they fit into the increasingly complex modern world-contending with things like intense pressure at school, bullying or problems at home, all while being bombarded with social media.</p> <p>A twist off kid's classes, teen yoga is a great way to boost self-regulation, emotional intelligence, and academic & athletic performance. The skills we emphasize in teen yoga are directly transferable to helping teens face the challenges of everyday life. These skills include practicing the art of concentration and focus, and techniques to manage stress and anxiety, all while building muscular strength and flexibility promoting positive body awareness and self-love.

Mindful Workplace

The Everyday Mindfulness Workshop is for any corporation or agency that would like to promote a healthier working environment through everyday mindful tools that promote confidence and staff morale. During this workshop, Alicia will demonstrate the importance of self-care as she takes you through exercises and discussion that will help you incorporate mindful tools naturally throughout your everyday life to manage stress. Learn about the science of mindfulness, your breath, dealing with big emotions and conflict, living intentionally, gratitude and positive psychological/physiological and environmental change that Mindfulness brings to any team. This workshop will provide the tools to create a mindfulness practice that allows each individual to work from a place of non-judgment.

Make & Take - Malas & Intention

Get ready for a few hours of fun and positive creation with your closest friends and loved ones. Make and Takes are terrific to gather people who love the idea of a tool that sets them up for a life of intention, wellness, and success.</p> <p>How does it work - I come to your home with over 20 varieties of gemstones and you aren't your friends get to make your own Mala bracelet. You save money making your own, you choose your favourite colours, and it’s a great casual way to feel connected and creative.</p> <p>We will end the evening with an intimate intention setting ceremony and meditation.</p> <p>What can you do to prepare: just invite and provide the space and ample lighting.

Mindful Gatherings

Whether it be a P.A. Day, Birthday Party, Camp, or just a get together we can customize a program for any type of event.

1:1 Coaching

Private Family Session<br /> Online<br /> I believe in YOU! I'm here to support you through your Mindfulness Journey. I'll help you set some serious goals and intentions and cheer you on as you fly through each and every one of them. We'll use the magical combination of life coaching, mindfulness, yoga, and habit building to help you gain clarity, focus and reduce stress.</p> <p>Each session includes one Custom Mala Bracelet based on your intention.</p> <p>COMING SOON!</p> <p>I believe that YOU are in an amazing position to make some serious changes

Customized Mindful Jewelry

Let us design a unique and beautiful Mala made just the way you want it, encompassing exactly who you are and how you feel. Our Custom Malas provide you with the opportunity to create a unique Mala by exploring the gemstones and crystals that meet your spiritual and energetic needs. They are a beautiful and unique physical reminder to bring harmony, love, light and act as a reflection of who you are, what you desire and your life’s intent.