Wellbeing Workshops for Teams & Groups

Wellness Education to help you optimize mental health and well-being, mindset and productivity.

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What Sets Us Apart

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The Everyday Mindfulness Workshop

 The Everyday Well-Being Workshop for Teams, Parents, Caregivers and Educators.  The pace and demands of modern life can lead to feelings of inner chaos, stress, overwhelm and imbalance. When we reach this state, we feel disempowered and unable to perform to our greatest capacity. It can be difficult to find the time and focus on personal growth and restorative activities, all while hugging family and professional life. Through this workshop, you will learn how to establish a basic Mindful Meditation practice that fosters self-regulation and builds on resilience. With this calm and confident energy, you will develop restorative practices that will empower you to regulate stress, ease tension and live a life of equanimity, kindness and confidence. Together, we will share and develop our own personal Resilience Toolbox of wellbeing practices that encourage healthy habits, inner contentment, ease and happiness that will have a positive long-term impact both personally and professionally.                       
To learn more & book, please email alicia@mindfulroots.ca

Resilience & Burnout


Making friends with stress, and developing self-awareness through self-regulation and restorative practices to beat burnout and live a resilient life. 

To learn more and book, email: alicia@mindfulroots.ca

Finding meaningful Happiness

Internal happiness for mental health and well-being. 

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Heart-Centred Living

How to create a heart-centred workplace. 

6 weeks in length

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What’s Included? 

All Stress and Wellness Workshops and Seminars are designed to help busy professionals and individuals gain clarity on habits, routines and rituals that support optimal physical and mental health. Choose from the most popular workshops and seminars above. 

Upon request, workshops can be customized for a group or company’s goals and intentions.

  • Webinars are two hours in length, include a Q&A session, Mindfulness eBook and are delivered live, online via zoom. In-person seminars are also available.
  • Webinar recording with a dedicated page is available for an additional fee.
  • Additional fees may apply for larger groups and for in-person events.
  • Investment $750 CDN


Contact us to book: alicia@mindfulroots.ca