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Who Am I?

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Who Am I?

What is my hue, my essence in life? I had to travel through years of darkness to find myself. 

Here is who I am. 

I discovered myself at the age of 32 after spending years in the dark and feeling alone. The birth of my children pushed me deeper into the dark, a place I thought I never would be. The dark was a place I hid from everyone, including my beloved.  The feelings and emotions ripped me apart, I felt confused and scared and unworthy. The dark nights were filled with tears, depression and feelings of exhaustion. Thank goodness my husband started to catch on. “I know you are in there, you are not your thoughts, it’s OK. I love you!”

Just when I felt most alone in the dark, I realized I could light up the night sky. 

I am here, I am earthside. 

I am a mental health survivor. And I am grateful for the dark nights, as they brought light to the path I was meant to be on. 

I am many things –  I nourish, I hold space. I’m a mother and wife. I’m a daughter and a friend. 

I inspire others to find themselves. I give people hope when they feel hopeless.

I learn I teach, I guide, I coach, I love. 

I am mindful, intentionall, compassionate and nourishing.

I am a self-regger. I take care of myself – mentally, physically and spiritually so I can lend my calm to others. 

I am soft and caring.

I love trees, the ocean, the Earth and the stars. 

I’m a chaser of sunsets and sunrises and live by the moon. 

I’m continuously smashing shame and stigma around mental health. I am vulnerable and courageous and I share my story to instill hope in others. 

I am a source of light and love. 

I am Yoga – in constant union with my body and mind. 

What is my hue, my essence in this life? 

I am a Mental Wellness Coach, a Yoga Teacher and a Self-Regulation Facilitator. I am passionate about supporting humans of all ages with their mental health and well-being. I help guide others to find their calm amid this crazy busy, over-scheduled, tech-dependent world. I help others find their inner light. 

Be the light. Let’s shine together. 

Don’t forget that your mental health always changes due to various life events. There are many resources available for free over the internet, better yet, take the courage to be ‘awkward, brave and kind” and talk to a friend or colleague about how you are feeling. Being vulnerable and sharing how you feel is one of the best ways to learn, connect and grow. At the same time, we as a community should reach out to each other, support each other, and remind each other to take care of themselves, not just physically, but also mentally.

Which resources have you tried to help with your mental health? Which one will you try? What did I miss? Email me your thoughts!

Alicia Preston

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